Lasernet for SAP

LaserNet SAP

Lasernet is made for SAP projects to:

 √ Ensure local adjustments and regulatory requirements
 √ Ensure local XML and EDI formats
 √ Handle design changes quickly and easily
 √ Integrate incoming invoices into SAP workflow
 √ Minimize the cost of document definitions in SAP

Most often, an Investment in Lasernet for SAP provides a ROI in a very short time.

Integration with SAP can be done in a number of ways, including XML, IDOC, RDI and SAPscript.  Whether to use local or global setups, the Lasernet SAP access to unprecedented ease document Development, deployment and maintenance.

The solution can be started in order to solve a single country needs and then to be rolled out globally or regionally.

A number of our customers use SAP. Click here to go to the customer cases.

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