Lasernet for Dynamics 365 Operations

Saves implementation time and costs while reducing risks and improving usability!

A Lasernet solution ensures that your Dynamics projects achieve their goals much more quickly and cheaply compared with ‘coding’ the reports in Dynamics/Reporting Services (SSRS). You will also reduce the risk profile of your ERP project by using best practice procedures and expertise adapted from hundreds of similar implementations.
In addition, you will receive a standard document solution that:
  • makes it much easier to upgrade Dynamics,
  • is easy to maintain,
  • meets the documentation requirements of your customers, and
  • supports several layouts and countries.
The solution includes:
  1. Standard Lasernet software
  2. Lasernet AX connector for cloud and on-premise applications
  3. Tabellae Best Practice* pack including setup and know-how


  • Document packet – to be adapted for 14 standard documents
  • Distribution set-up for OIO, Svefaktura, EDI, print and e-mail
  • Electronic file (as PDF/A) - stored in Azure
  • Possibility for multiple accounts, countries, or brands
  • Control over all electronic invoices and formats
  • Barcode management

The seamless Dynamics 365 for Operations integration allows you to benefit from our experience and the ultimate best-of-breed standard tool for Output Management in local and global ERP rollouts.

Lasernet knows local printer devices (and drivers) and is able to integrate Azure documents from the cloud with local data, local databases, and local attachments to create customer-centric output from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations.

Customer experiences

Click here to view how Wiliam Demant (Oticon) benefits from Lasernet in its global Dynamics implementation.

Customers include small, medium, and large enterprises. Click here for more customer cases.

ERP in Azure

The Lasernet Server is installed "on the ground" and communicates with the "Lasernet for Dynamics 365" Azure component by using the "Azure Service Bus" and "Azure Blob Storage" technologies.

Lasernet benefits from the Azure architecture that provides Load Balancing, Fail Over, and Traffic Management capabilities.

Three Solution Components

The solution consists of three elements, which are included in the solution package from Tabellae:

3 Lasernet solution components

Lasernet for Dynamics

       Lasernet Best Practice

Tabellae example

Labels and barcodes in Lasernet

The solution includes the following:
√  True Azure add-in
√  Makes reports 3-8 times faster
√ 14 Preconfigured templates
√  Built-in archive in Azure Blob
√  Adding tables and data whitout any programming in Dynamics
√  Full Transpromo capabilities and added branding
√  True Preview functionality
√  Automated Attachment distributions
√  e-Invoicing
√  Enhanced e-mailing and document distribution functionalities in AX



Here is a short film (30 sec) with an introduction:

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