Koskisen Oy runs Output Management on multiple platforms

Written by Lennart Garbarsch.

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Koskisen found an output management solution that is integratable across IT systems and improves collaboration across the company, sowing the seed
for greater savings on future automation efforts.

Wanted: Best of breed
“We didn’t want a system that could do everything, but one where document handling is a core function. It also needed to support several data formats and be easy to use,” explains Teemu Similä, ICT System Manager.

The company’s output management used to be built into the ERP system, but that meant the various documents couldn’t “communicate”.

We got the market’s best solution without paying more.
Teemu Similä, ICT System Manager, Koskisen Oy


• Cost-effective solution
• Improved collaboration across business areas thanks to integration across IT systems
• Effective output management in a changing IT environment
• Reliable and easy to use
• Reliable collaboration

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About Koskisen Oy

Finnish Koskisen Oy purchases wood, produces and sells wood products worldwide and has a wide range of wood-related business areas: plywood production, sawn timber, chipboard and birch products, as well as wooden house building and biofuel.
The company has 1,087 employees in 6 business areas and uses several ERP systems.
Lasernet Output Management is currently integrated with Digia Enterprise and Dynamics AX.

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