Business Case

5 + 1 Business Cases include:


Upgrade of ERP system.

Lasernet greatly reduces the need for programming in ERP systems or host applications.

Save: EUR 30.000-100.000,-


Meet your customers' demands for business documents.

Lasernet can deliver all desired business document formats.

Result: Retain your position as the preferred vendor.


Reduce manual document handling routines and save on postage.

According to several analyses, the cost of handling an outbound invoice is as high as € 5-9.

This cost can always be brought down - or even eliminated - by taking advantage of Output Management.


Maintain your own business documents.

Time to market is important for business documents. The marketing department is able to design and maintain the business documents without the need of expensive programming.

Changes to the design of any business document can be implemented in a matter of minutes.


Comply with legal requirements to business documents.

Legal complicance is ensured by delivering the right business document to the right customer in their preferred format and via the agreed upon distribution channel.

Overhold lovkrav med LaserNet


Save energy, reduce paper usage, and limit CO2 emissions.

Savings are generated by optimizing the delivery of business documents - the Electronic way.


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